Final FMP video with You Me at Six - No-one Does It Better as the soundtrack

10 minute loop of my photos

What the images would look like if they had frames around them

All 7 photos have been completed and edited


I’m pleased with how each of the photos turned out. The models were fantastic and couldn’t of done a better job

All of them have been uploaded to

Prezi for final presentation

My final edits

Final Edits. So far

WRATH. final edit
Part 4 of 7

WRATH. final edit

Part 4 of 7


7 deadly sins by Meavechan

An artist impression of the 7 deadly sins. I love it. The way the ink runs and splats. 

Start to finish - Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride (Vanity), Sloth and Wrath

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