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My final piece.

Vlog Evaluation with tutor

Final FMP video with You Me at Six - No-one Does It Better as the soundtrack

Pitch Proposal Vlog

10 minute loop of my photos

What the images would look like if they had frames around them

The guys reading over their lines while Holly was waiting

The guys reading over their lines while Holly was waiting

Research Analysis - Photography Portfolio

I will be analysing my 3 competitors using Genre, Narrative and Representation. My 3 competitors are David Earl, Benjamin Reed and Soothbrush


Technology camera - The type of camera used is a Canon EOS 550D which is a professional type of camera and can produce beautiful work. The software - I will be using Photoshop as the main application to edit my photos, thought it does depends on the type of photography you are doing. The competitors I looked at all used some form of manipulation to their photos, I know I will be doing the same because I’m creating advertising photos.

Distribution - The main distribution methods for my competitors are social networking sites like Flickr, Twitter and DeviantArt. Some of them do use prints for example Andi Bambeck uses print to get his pictures seen, but it is quicker and easier to get them out to the public through social network. A screen grab from a photography site that lets you share the photos through Facebook, so it’s gets publicity.

Codes and conventions - There aren’t really any set codes and conventions for a photography portfolio, it depends what type and style of photography your going for, for my portfolio I’m doing portraiture so the lay out would be, the person is the main focal point of the photo, the camera shots would be mid-shot to wide shot, the lighting would be bright as it’s also advertising photos, so the lighting needs to create a glow around the subject and create no shadow. For portraiture there is numerous shots of the subject therefore I will be taking between 10-15 shots, but just submitting one from each sin, one of my competitors uses the style of real people and real life. (image below),


This is the sin of Gluttony (excessive consumption) In a culture we associate certain things with certain sins, like Gluttony in modern culture it’s shown as excessive consumption, which could be consumption of drink, cigarettes, drugs and/or food. The connotations of the 7 deadly sins have changed and evolved in our culture:

  • Lust: The Internet has allowed individuals to view pornographic websites within seconds
  • Gluttony: In today’s modern society, gluttony is a very common practice
  • Greed: Greed can be associated with gluttony, because if someone eats an excessive amount of food on the kitchen table and thus overeats (gluttony), then they eat beyond their needs and didn’t consider sharing food with those at the kitchen table who didn’t eat a sufficient amount of food
  • Sloth: In today’s modern society, sloth or laziness has also become an epidemic
  • Wrath: There seem to be an increase in Americans becoming angry these days
  • Envy: One of the seven deadly sins, which is viewed in today’s society as not very serious is envy
  • Pride: I have heard that pride is the root of all evil. Pride is probably one of the most severe seven deadly sins

These are from 

Signs - There aren’t any set signs with it comes to the 7 deadly sins, there are themes like certain items/colours (red, pink, green, blue and gold) and words (sexy, rage, money etc) that are used because they represent the sins like in David Earl’s photos, he used just images of people’s lips, but he’s used a £2 coin and the colour gold to represent Greed. Money being one of the main things we associate with Greed (image below)


Subvert - Which each of the sins you have a certain colour that you’d associate with each sin, like red for Wrath, green for Envy and pink for Lust, the reason for why we associate certain colours with the sins is because it’s been ingrained in our society, William Shakespeare wrote the play Othello, which mentions "The Green-Eyed Monster" which is now what associate with envy and losing control to the green-eyed monster within us . But these can be subverted and another colours can be used, like David Earl has done for Wrath (Image below) 


instead of the colour red which you would associate with Wrath because red symbolise danger, anger, blood and rage, he has used the colour blue, but has shown the sin of Wrath through imagery.


All of my competitors have a closed narrative so you know what each image represents. I’m thinking of going for a open narrative which means my images would be open to interpretation. So it’d have Enigma Codes, so the audience would ask questions and think about the images. Also all of them have linear storyline, so it’s continuous start to end. I’ll also be using a linear storyline, as it’s quite hard to do non-linear with photography, and using the sins. ”Lately I’ve been struck with how I really love what you can’t see in a photograph.”  This is a quote from Diane Arbus


Social groups - The social groups I’d represent would be middle class to lower class, as my images have a little twist to them and will be open narrative. And none of my competitors have, they’ve done middle to higher, so I’d like to do a set of images to show the forgotten groups.

Stereotyping“‘Goth’ ‘Emo’ ‘Chav”What are theses?? They are labels that we give others based on the way they dress, the music they listen to or the way they act. The moment we say someone with purple/black/blue/pink hair and all dressed in black, we immediately assume they are either ‘Emo’ or ‘Goth’ without even getting to know them. Why?? Because it is easy to judge someone without having to get to know them.” 

That is a extract from a piece I wrote about stereotyping and how music affects that as well. Stereotyping happens with the sins as well, when you think of Gluttony, you usually think of an obese man, and when you think of Lust, you usually think of a woman with barely any clothes. So for mine, I’ll go against the stereotype for some and follow them for others. 

In conclusion my competitors have used real life situations, whereas I will be using facial expressions and colours choices to demonstrate the sin. I think this will be easy to do as I can use photoshop to edit the photos and make them exactly how I want. I will also be adding some little images across the bottom of each photo and written the name of the sin at the top of each image.

All 7 photos have been completed and edited


I’m pleased with how each of the photos turned out. The models were fantastic and couldn’t of done a better job

All of them have been uploaded to

Reflective Diary

All 7 photos are done now and have been edited. 

I’m pleased with how it went and how the photos turned out

Now it’s down to the presentation

Prezi for final presentation

My final edits

Presenting first draft to the class for feedback